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Between advances in technology, ongoing labor shortages and supply chain constraints, food robots and automation are on the cusp of going mainstream. If you don’t understand where the market is heading, you will be left behind.

OttOmate News and OttOmate Consulting were founded and run by Christopher Albrecht, former Editor in Chief of the influential food tech blog The Spoon, former editor with the technology blog GigaOM, and conference chair of the ArticulATE food robotics conference.

Over the past five years, I’ve chronicled the rise food robotics through vigorous reporting and analysis. If your company wants to understand the state of the food automation market, who the key players are and the major trends that will unfold over the coming years, you should engage with OttOmate Consulting today.

OttOmate Consulting provides prescient, relevant expertise on areas such as:

  • Autonomous vehicle delivery

  • Front and back of house restaurant robotics

  • Smart vending machines

  • Drone delivery

  • Cashierless checkout

  • and more

As a journalist, I’ve written about all the startups and food brands implementing the future of food robotics. With OttOmate consulting, you not only get visibility into the future of the industry, but also current and historical context to provide richer analysis.

Because I actively write many startups in the space, my consultation services are primarily for financial institutions and investors that want to better understand the market, as well as entities looking to install robotics such as commercial real estate firms, airports/transit hub authorities and hotels.

To maintain my editorial integrity, I cannot provide consultation services to companies I already do or may cover. I also cannot and will not divulge information about startups that is not already publicly reported.

Rates vary on the size and scope of your project. Consultations can be held online, or under proper vaccination protocols, in person.

Engage with OttOmate consulting and understand the future of food automation and robotics today.

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