Everything You Wanted to Know About NSF Certification (but Were Afraid to Ask)

Whether you build or buy food robots, this Q&A is a must read.

Three little letters can make a huge difference for food automation startups: NSF.

Getting your robot, vending machine or drink dispenser NSF Certified means that its been found to be hygienically safe to handle food. NSF certification is something health inspectors look for. NSF certification makes it easier for schools and other customers to lease and install a new food or drink machine because it has been deemed safe.

In other words — the NSF certification is something every OttOmate reader should care about — whether your building or buying robots.

But if you’re a food robot startup, you may have questions:

  • Where do you begin with the NSF certification?

  • How long will certification take?

  • How much will it cost?

Relax! OttOmate has you covered. I talked with Orsi Dezsi, Director, Global Food Safety – Equipment & Chemical Evaluation at NSF to find out what exactly NSF does, the best ways to work with the organization and what to (and what not to) expect during the process.

Following is not only answers to those questions and more (lightly edited for clarity and concision), but at the end of the article, there’s a nice list of NSF resources to get you started.

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