Is Pipester Chocolate Factory the Greatest Food Robot of All Time? (Possibly!)

Chocolate + waffles + whipped cream. Everyone else, pack it up. We're done.

Listen, I’m going to level with you. I don’t know anything about the Pipester Chocolate Factory — but that won’t stop me from proclaiming it to be the greatest food robot ever made.

All I have to go on is the above video↑, but watch it right now and tell me I’m wrong.

I’ll wait.

Waffles + chocolate + whipped cream? Come on. Just look at that automated system piling on the cream or gushing out chocolate syrup.

I don’t know how real Pipester is. Is the robot in the video a prototype or something that could be installed today? What is their funding situation? How many treats does the robot hold? Are there patents? What is their business model?

I. Don’t. Know!

What’s crazy is that the video above was posted a year ago. Where have I been? Pipester totally flew under my radar. I reached out to Pipester’s CEO earlier this week, but haven’t heard back. The company’s website doesn’t offer much hard info either, choosing instead to speak more figuratively about chocolate treats, flexible retail scenarios and people taking selfies with the robot.

We’ve seen robots dish out soft serve, and decorate cakes — but Pipester’s collection of chocolate treats is honestly on a whole other level.

Hopefully the people at Pipester will see this post and get back to me so we can all learn more. Or maybe they’ll fly me out to wherever that robot is to try it out for myself.

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