PAZZI's Robot Restaurants have Made More Than 45,000 Pizzas

CEO says running real restaurants improved computer vision, oven priming and perfecting the dough.

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For Pazzi Robotics CEO Philippe Goldman there is no substitute for on the job robot training.

“Whatever you can do in the lab is not enough,” Goldman told me via video chat last week, “You have to do real world experience.”

And Pazzi Robotics, which operates two PAZZI robot-powered restaurants in and around Paris, France has been racking up plenty of real world experience. Since opening its first location in 2019, PAZZI has made more than 45,000 pizzas for actual customers, and taught the company valuable lessons.

PAZZI’s robot-pizzerias are fully autonomous restaurants with sit-down options (so they aren’t just takeaway vending machines). PAZZIs use three robotic arms to do, well, everything. The robots press fresh dough into the crust, top the pizza, cook it, slice it, package it up and slide it into a cubby to be picked up by customers.

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