The OttOmate Guide to Robot Bartenders

Drink in all the automated beer, wine and cocktails services.

If you ever worked in a packed bar or nightclub, you know that bartending is less Tom Cruise in Cocktail and more Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow (Pour. Serve. Repeat.). There’s no time to flip bottles when you have a dozen people vying for your attention at the bar, plus a server in their station needing drinks for an eight-top plus the barback just broke a glass and now you have to burn the ice.

For most big bars and clubs, the name of the game is volume. Keep the drinks flowing and the guests buying.

Churning out consistent product without taking a break is what robots do best. So we’ve put together a list of all the beer, wine and booze ‘bots we could think of. From Barney to Yanu, raise your glass for all of these robo-bartenders!

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