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Video: Rotender's Cocktail Robot Serves up Fun

And a high-tech food court heads to Vancouver

Last week, OttOmate and friends stopped by Rotender’s offices, in Downtown LA. Co-Founder and CEO Ben Winston showed off the eye-catching, drink-pouring robot that his Techstars-backed company is producing. In under 30 seconds, it can whip up a variety of “liquor plus mixer” cocktails (which technically makes them all highballs) - perfect for any high-traffic venue that struggles with having enough staff on hand to serve thirsty crowds. Cheers!

Food Republic launches in Vancouver

1,000 miles north, another food robot is making waves as well. Food Republic - a digital food hall - is set to open on April 17th. Featuring multiple brands like Wow Bao, Chicken & Co., One Spot, and Rad Salad, the restaurant concept puts mixing and matching, plus digital ordering, at the front and center. But things get more intriguing come this summer, when the space debuts a Cibotica salad and bowl making bot. “We wanted to be a model to showcase this new model of running a business" said Co-Founder Ashkan Mirnabavi, whose company NextGen Kitchens is behind both concepts.

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