Watch Sessions From the OttOmate Pizza Automation Event

Speakers from Papa Johns, Picnic, Lab2Fab, PAZZI, Wavemaker and Refraction AI.

I wasn’t sure what to expect heading into the OttOmate Pizza Automation Event last week. It was our first event and I was nervous about technical glitches, power outages and my dog incessantly barking in the background.

But y’all… It was so. much. fun! A BIG thank you to everyone who spoke and helped put the whole thing together.

All of the guests were amazing and whether you are part of a food robotics startup or operate a restaurant, there was a ton of great information about new automation, practical advice for robot adoption, and a glimpse into the future of the restaurant world.

These were the sessions and speakers (videos after the jump):

  • D'ough! Real World Lessons in Running a Robot Restaurant
    PAZZI runs two robot-run pizza restaurants in Paris, France. Operating those restaurants in the real world has taught PAZZI lessons that it never could have learned in a lab. Things like the complicated nature of dough.
    Speaker: Philippe Goldman, CEO at PAZZI Robotics

  • Is Your Restaurant Ready for Robots?
    Adding a pizza robot to your restaurant requires more than plugging in a machine. First you must answer questions like how much space is available, what other automation tools do you have, do they all talk to each other? This session will prepare any pizzeria for a robotic future.
    Speakers: Alena Turner, CMO at xRobotics; Shawn Lange, President at Lab2Fab

  • Robot Delivery is Here!
    Refraction AI's REV-1 robot is currently making pizza deliveries in Austin, Texas. Hear what the company has learned about working with local restaurants, customers and governments about putting pizza delivery robots on the road.
    Speaker: Hugh O’Donnell, Director, Biz Dev & Strategy, Refraction AI

  • To VC or not to VC? Modern fundraising for automation startups
    Up until recently, the only way to raise money for your company was to hit up venture capital. But new equity crowdfunding tools promise to democratize that process. Should your company stick with institutional investors, or test the crowdfunding waters?
    Speakers: Clayton Wood, CEO at Picnic; Kevin Morris, CFO at Wavemaker Labs

  • What does Papa John's want from automation?
    Papa John's has more than 5,000 locations in 45 countries and territories around the world. What kind of automation is most important to the company? How do you get your startup in front of the right people there? What are they for looking in an robotics partner? This fireside chat will give you a glimpse into how a big pizzeria brand is innovating.
    Speaker: Billy Taylor, Sr. Director, Engineering at Papa John's International

If you missed a talk, or just want to re-watch a particular talk, all the sessions are available on-demand now for paid OttOmate subscribers ! (If you bought a ticket to the show, email me and I’ll send you a link).


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