XRobotics Pivots to the xPizza Cube, a Countertop Pizza Robot

Company no longer offers the bigger xPizza One.

XRobotics has debuted the xPizza Cube, a small, countertop pizza assembling robot for pizzerias. This is an entirely new machine and direction for XRobotics, which is no longer offering the much larger xPizzaOne in favor of this new, smaller form factor.

“We completely changed everything,” Alena Tikhova, CMO at XRobotics (and former Dodo’s Pizza manager) told me by phone today. “[Existing] robots are kind of bulky, they were big, hard to install, hard to maintain, hard to walk around them. If we want to deliver to anybody, it has to be something small, lightweight and can be put in any kitchen.”

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The result is the xPizza Cube, which is a countertop device that focuses on three main ingredients most often used by pizzerias: sauce cheese, and pepperoni. The xPizza Cube is 20 inches wide and does 100 pizzas per hour. The machine is also inexpensive, costing just $1,500 per month. The company has already sold 300 units and has closed the pre-order found for Q1/Q2 delivery. New orders will be fulfilled later in 2022.

“Literally 70 percent of the time that people spent on the makeline, they spend doing sauce cheese and peppeorni,” Tikhova said.

In addition to being smaller, the xPizza Cube is also lightweight so it can be installed easily. Tikhova also said that customers actually receive two units, so if one goes down a new one can be installed quickly and easily.

XRobotics’ new approach is similar to that of Lab2Fab’s Pizza Bot 5000 which focuses on sauce, cheese and pepperoni as well, though it’s much larger.

Tikhova will actually be speaking at our Pizza Automation Event next week and the xPizza Cube will definitely be something we talk about!