Plus Pizza Cube and Palmetto Superfood.
Plus: Subs by air, the Wing Zone, robo-tenders and ice cream!
Plus: Is the pizza crowdfunding party over? And drones pop fly at Purdue baseball.
Plus Dexai, Domino's, Zippin and a whole lot of robot deliveries at OSU.
This... is a pretty big deal.
It's the first robot delivery granted permission to operate in public places in Germany.
Maybe you should apply, OttOmate reader!
There are other frictionless retail options available right now.
Plus: Orionstar's cool new robot, Chipotle's $50M, Chili's Bear market and a big change for OttOmate.
Could a smart fridge (with mobile commerce) be next?
A Seed, a Series A and a Series B.
COVID and time consuming crowdfunding forced the company to cease operations.