What is OttOmate?

OttOmate is your friendly guide to the future of food automation and robotics. This B2B newsletter is the industry’s best source of news and analysis around such topics as:

  • Delivery robots that scurry on streets and roads to bring you burritos (and more)

  • Restaurant robots that cook and serve meals

  • Agriculture robots that till, spray and harvest

  • Cashierless checkout stores that let you walk in, grab what you want and go

  • Drones that fly overhead to deliver your meals

  • Smart vending machines that are basically restaurants in a box

No SEO chasing. No clickbait. No wasting your time. Ever.

Who is OttOmate for?

OttOmate is a business publication for companies who want to see and understand the future of food robotics and automation to gain a competitive advantage. An OttOmate subscription is perfect for

  • Restaurant operators who want to modernize their restaurants

  • Grocery retailers that want more efficiency

  • College administrators looking to bring cost-effective services to students, staff and faculty

  • Government officials that need to adapt and encourage new modes of transportation on public streets

  • Hotel managers that want to offer and deliver food to guests around the clock

  • Airport innovation managers that want to bring good food with small footprints to hungry travelers

  • Automation startups that want to understand where they fit in the competitive landscape

  • Anyone interested in the future of food

Who created OttOmate?

OttoMate was created by Chris Albrecht, former Editor in Chief of The Spoon and conference chair of the ArticulATE food robotics conference.

In 2022, OttOmate joined the Curbivore family, bringing in new resources to cover the amazing revolution happening as new technologies change kitchens and delivery.

What do you get with your subscription?

Figuratively speaking, you get to see the future of food automation and robotics as OttOmate ties together and analyzes the important trends happening in our areas of coverage.

Practically speaking, paid subscribers get:

  • Emails alerting you to news in the industry

  • Full access to every story posted on the site

  • Free admission to OttOmate’s in-person and online events, including Curbivore

  • Access to special guides and content packages not available elsewhere

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Why Pay for Emails?

Subscriptions are the easiest and cleanest way to make sure OttOmate stays in business. It’s a business newsletter and meant to be expenseable by your company. Subscriptions also allow us to create new and different types of content like podcasts and live events. We thank and appreciate all of our subscribers!

Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yes! Instead of just signing up for one email and forwarding it around, you can sign up for a bulk corporate discount with five users. Email me for more information.

Wait. Aren’t robots taking away jobs?

Well, yes. But it’s complicated. There are a lot of things robots and automation can just do better than a human: working around the clock without taking a break, operating dangerous equipment, precise dispensing, hauling gear in 100 degree heat. And more important than ever - robots don’t get sick or get other people sick.

Having said that, OttOmate will also look at the broader societal impacts of automation and what private and public sector programs can be implemented to train displaced workers and create a better, more equitable environment for everyone in an increasingly automated world.

Will you ever use a “Mr. Roboto” reference in your writing?


Will you reference Skynet?

Also no.

Is there merch?

Heck yeah there’s merch. You can get your own sweet OttOmate swag here.

Want to sponsor OttoMate?

Drop us a line and let’s chat. There are plenty of ways we can work together.

Are you a PR professional?

Pitch me your food robot/automation clients. For real.

Are you a food automation startup?

Pitch me! I want to hear about your company, no matter what stage you’re at.

Who did your rad logo?

The super awesome Denise Sakaki.

What else?

I think that covers it. If you have any thoughts or questions, email us. I’d love to hear from you.

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