Miso Launches Flippy Wings Robot to Fry Up Chicken Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings has already been testing the new fry-bot.

Miso Robotics, which makes Flippy the cooking robot, announced a new product line today designed specifically to automate frying chicken wings. Dubbed, appropriately enough, Flippy Wings, the new robot is already being tested by Buffalo Wild Wings at the Inspire Brands Innovation Center in Atlanta Georgia.

Built on the Flippy platform, Flippy Wings features a new AutoBin system that offers kitchen staff an number of food-safe bins where wings are dropped to be cooked. As with other Flippy bots, the system uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify the food, which the robot then picks up, fries and then drops off into a hot holding area.

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The result is that human team members don’t have to spend as much time standing in front of an extremely hot fryer and the robot reduces the amount of oil spillage. According to the Miso press announcement, internal tests show a 10 - 20 percent overall increase in food production speeds with Flippy Wings.

Flippy is no newcomer when it comes to frying foods. Back in 2018, Flippy went to work at Dodger Stadium to fry tater tots and chicken tenders. And a year ago, White Castle announced it would use Flippy Roar as a fry cook at 11 of its Chicago area locations.

This is the second move into specialy hardware from Miso this year. In July Miso announced it was developing a smart automated beverage dispensing system for QSR drive-thrus.

As noted, Flippy Wings is already being tested at the Inspire Brands Innovation Center. Following that test it will be deployed at Inspire’s Alliance brand ghost kitchen to work in a real food production environment before eventually being deployed to a standalone Buffalo Wild Wings next year.

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