Dec 17, 2021 • 18M

Podcast: How Non-Profit Per Scholas Offers Tech Training to Underrepresented Groups

If your automation startup is serious about creating new jobs, then you should connect with Per Scholas.

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Christopher Albrecht
Engaging discussions with the people building the future of food robots and automation.

When you bring up the subject of job losses, food robot and automation startups are always quick to point out that while some existing jobs will be lost, different and better jobs fueled by technology will be created.

If this is true, then food robotics startups will need to make sure that these new tech-centered jobs are available to everyone — not just the same people occupying tech jobs today.

That’s why I’m working with Per Scholas, a non-profit out of Chicago (I have no financial relationship with the company). Per Scholas trains underrepresented groups (for free!) in technology including AWS, JAVA and IT certifications. Not only that, Per Scholas works with employers to help find jobs for its alumns.

In this week’s podcast, I sat down with Kelsey Briggs-Dineen, Senior Manager, Business Solutions at Per Scholas to talk about what Per Scholas operates with both trainees and employers.

If you’re a robot/automation startup serious about finding jobs for displaced food workers, Per S…

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