RoboEatz Robo-Teazes New Model of its ARK Cafeteria-in-a-Kiosk

All-in-one style meal robots are having a bit of a moment.

Oddly, the thing I’ll always associate with RoboEatz is remote mining facilities.

RoboEatz itself has nothing to do with digging for gold, but when I interviewed the company’s CEO, Alex Barseghian earlier this year, one of the use cases he brought up for his company’s ARK 3 robot was remote mining facilities.

Barseghian’s point was that the ARK 3 is an all-in-one automated cafeteria in a kiosk. It holds 80 different ingredients, can make five different hot or cold dishes simultaneously and creates meals in 30 seconds (on average). So you can drop the Ark off just about anywhere — like a remote mining facility — and you’re able to feed people. No need to build a dedicated eating facility, and no need to bring another person out to said remote mining facility.

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Based on a Linkedin post from RoboEatz earlier this week, the Ark is getting an upgrade:

The company didn’t provide any details on the new robot other than to say:

We are excited to soon unveil the new Model of ARK that will be able to perform more tasks simultaneously!

The image posted to Linkedin (and at the top of this post) however, is what is currently shown on the RoboEatz site, so we don’t know if the new robot will look any different. We reached out to Barseghian to see if we could pry a few more details out of him.

Companies iterate on their robots all the time — that’s not news. But RoboEatz’ tease comes just weeks after fellow cafeteria-in-a-kiosk company Karakuri installed its first public machine at Ocado’s headquarters in England (learn more about that installation in my podcast interview with Karakuri CEO, Barney Wragg). And as just about every sector of the global economy is faced with labor shortages (especially schools), robots like the ARK — which can work all day and make different meals for different day parts — will undoubtedly become more attractive to places like hospitals, office buildings and even remote mining facilities.

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