Oct 13, 2021 • 23M

Karakuri's CEO Barney Wragg on Labor, Ocado and Dispensing Down to the Gram

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Christopher Albrecht
Engaging discussions with the people building the future of food robots and automation.
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This week’s podcast is with Barney Wragg, Founder and CEO of Karakuri, which makes the Semblr all-in-one canteen robot.

The Semblr holds 17 different temperature-controlled ingredients that can be dispensed down to the gram. With this level of control, Semblr can make 2,700 different meal combinations.

Karakuri recently installed its first Semblr for public use at Ocado’s (which invested in Karakuri) headquarters in England. I took that opportunity to catch up with Wragg to talk about:

  • The specific labor issues Semblr solves

  • How Semblr fights food waste

  • How much it will cost to get your own Semblr ‘bot

With their versatile menus, capacity to serve different day parts, and ability to sequester different food allergens, I’m a big believer in canteen robots like Semblr and think they could actually work quite well in places like schools. So I’m excited to see them come to market and used in the real world.

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