Video: Hyper Gives First Look at its Full Autonomous Pizza Restaurant-in-a-Box

Shipping container-sized restaurant does 50 pizzas an hour.

We’ve known for just about a year now that Hyper (formerly Highpper) was developing standalone, all-in-one autonomous restaurant the size of a shipping container. And today, the company finally gave the public a first look at exactly how the robot restaurant-in-a-box works via a new YouTube video.

The promotional video (posted above ↑) shows two robotic arms moving pre-made dough under a series of sauce, cheese and topping dispensers before being placed in an oven to cook, after which they are sliced up, boxed and ready to be served. It’s very cool to watch.

Copy in the video reads:

  • Cold storage of 240 different kinds of dough in different sizes

  • 2 robotic dispensing arms

  • 12 toppings

  • Up to 3 convection ovens

  • 50 pizzas an hour

  • 30 pizza warming cabinets

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We reached out to Hyper to see what other details the company might provide. Given that Hyper is based in Tel Aviv, Israel and that its Co-Founder and CEO, Udi Shamai is also President of Pizza Hut Israel (according to his Linkedin page), chances are good that the first implementation we’ll see will be a Pizza Hut robo-restaurant somewhere in Israel.

Hyper is similar to another European startup, PAZZI, though the two have very different implementations of robot-powered pizza restaurants. PAZZI currently has two locations in France, but those are more akin to actual restaurants with sit-down areas for eating. Hyper is more standalone and can be set up in places like parking lots.

It’s becoming quite the busy season for pizza-related robots! In addition to Hyper’s reveal, David Chang discussed pizza robots on his new show (spoiler! He didn’t like the idea of them). More important for you, dear reader, is that OttOmate is hosting an online Pizza Automation Event on November 19th to discuss all things related to pizza robotics. We’ll have speakers from Papa John’s, PAZZI, Picnic, XRobotics, Lab2Fab and Refraction AI. Don’t miss out on this event, get your ticket today!

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