It's the first robot delivery granted permission to operate in public places in Germany.
Maybe you should apply, OttOmate reader!
The startup is taking on rival Starship directly in Milton-Keynes, England and Helsinki, Finland.
Promotional video shows the autonomous bots in action
First deliveries start today from six stores in Espoo.
Sacramento Kings used the robot to sell souvenir water and popcorn.
Not many details yet, but it's another automation play for Brinker, which is also using drones and server robots.

March 2022

Swiss-Mile's robot could improve accessibility in food delivery.
The Germany-based startup has a number of pilots with food delivery services in Europe.
The robot delivery space has kinda gone crazy (in a good way) in Q1!
We are moving from human-driven risk to machine-driven risk.
NY Post reports the delivery company is looking for alternatives.