Oct 6, 2021 • 23M

Podcast: Farmwise CEO on Weeding Robots, Platforms and Indoor Farming

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Christopher Albrecht
Engaging discussions with the people building the future of food robots and automation.
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I don’t know about you, but I hate weeding. Seeing that it’s a losing battle, I’ve just surrendered my yard to that infernal plant-life. I honestly can’t imagine what it’s like trying to tackle weeds on a farm that’s hundreds of acres big.

But that’s why Farmwise built its big, industrial weeding robot. The remote controlled machine goes up and down crop rows, identifying and cutting out all those pesky weeds.

My podcast this week is with Sébastien Boyer, Co-Founder and CEO of Farmwise. In our chat Boyer talks about:

  • What else besides labor is pushing farmers into robotic weeding

  • Common misperceptions about farmers

  • Some of his thoughts on the burgeoning indoor ag movement

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