Scoop: Piestro Planning Mobile "Pizza-as-a-Service"

Scoop: Piestro Planning Mobile "Pizza-as-a-Service"

Robot pizza company also says it can save pizzerias $60,000 a year on cheese

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It’s not surprising that pizza is one of, if not the most popular food being made by robots right now. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza? (Nobody, that’s who)

Among the wave of automated pizza startups is Piestro, which is building a robotic vending machine that tops, cooks and boxes up fresh hot pizza in under three minutes. Though it won’t arrive until next year, Piestro has already signed a deal to power 3,600 autonomous pizza machines for 800 Degrees Pizza over the next five years.

On today’s OttOmate podcast, I chat with the robot prince of pizza himself, Massimo Noja De Marco, CEO of Piestro. We discuss:

  • The future of co-branding for automated food startups

  • How automation can save pizzerias $60,000 a year in cheese alone

  • Piestro’s plans to make their machine mobile to create “Pizza as a Service”

Take a listen — just maybe not on an empty stomach.

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