Weekend Fun! Redditor Builds Their Own Cocktail Robot

Guaranteed to break the ice at parties.

I think my mom’s going to start worrying about me, given the number of stories I’ve written about booze this week. (Fear not, mother, I am not sampling the wares of each and every one of these robots.)

But as we head into the weekend, I had to squeeze in one more robotender story.

Sharp-eyed OttOmate reader, Mike Romo forwarded me this post on Reddit from user “jcoles97” who built their own robot bartender. The pic above does not do it justice, and Substack doesn’t let me embed Reddit video, so please click through to Reddit to check the machine out in all its DIY gloriousness.

For those curious, the robot was built by someone studying computer science who used the project to practice coding. The robot can make custom drinks based on the ingredients available. For those wanting some more technical information, here’s some more info from the comment section:

Created a custom PCB and used mosfets for the switches, then coded my own app from scratch to run the machine via bluetooth.

My friend actually was the brains behind the PCB, but its pretty simple, just has a weak microcontroller, bluetooth module and some switches on it. Im not super familiar with arduinos, but all you need is Bluetooth capability and switches to trigger the pumps, the rest is all software, i would be happy to share my code but its not quite complete, there is still a lot of stuff i need to add.

I am using peristaltic pumps, just measuring it by the amount of time they are running, 10 seconds is just about a shot. They are very consistent, and as long as the ratios of ingredients is accurate its all the same.

Jcoles97’s machine is remeniscent of MyBar.io, a drink robot kit that you ordered and assembled yourself. It too, is basically a series of pumps and hoses that you stick into bottles. Assign each pump to a beverage (vodka, tequila, orange juice, etc.) and the accompanying app brings up all the recipes you can make. You can check out my review of MyBar from a couple years back (TL;DR, the app itself wasn’t very good).

Regardless! Jcoles97 — we at OttOmate salute your work and remind you to drink responsibly.

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