Why VC Maggie Sprenger is Excited it's a "Bloodbath" out There for Startups

Why VC Maggie Sprenger is Excited it's a "Bloodbath" out There for Startups

Green Cow's Managing Director talks early stage investing, ag tech's massive opportunity, and the pros and cons of equity crowdfunding.

I talk with a lot of founders who are building startups, so it’s great to chat with someone on the other side of the equation — an investor cutting the checks to fund those startups, getting them out of the garage and into market.

My guest on the OttOmate podcast this week is Maggie Sprenger, the Managing Director at Green Cow Venture Capital, which invests in early stage startups. Sprenger has actually been quite active in the food automation space having backed Bear Flag Robotics (which only raised $12.5 million and was bought this summer by John Deere for $250 million), robot smoothie maker Blendid and the robotics management platform, Freedom Robotics.

In our conversation, Sprenger talks about:

  • Bear Flag’s exit and the massive opportunity in ag tech

  • The highly competitive early stage investment landscape

  • The good and bad of equity crowdfunding

  • Why she is excited about what a “bloodbath” it is out there for startups

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