Announcement comes less than a week after Flytrex launched its drone service in DFW.
Company is prepping for up to 200 deliveries per day.

March 2022

Service now available in Grandbury, outside Dallas Fort-Worth.
Food will be flown from Sentosa to St. Johns.

February 2022

Fastest item arrived in 1.42 minutes.

January 2022

DroneDek CEO says "Probably some litigation off in the future."

December 2021

Florida company found faster (flight) path to market while navigating strict FAA regulations.
A brief primer on where the industry is at.
BigKitchen, Onunu Boy and D9 Shawarma hop on-board.

November 2021

Sixty percent of customers place more than one order.
Startup to begin first test by the end of the year.
The company's 2021 fiscal year revenue was $100,000, says cost per delivery will be less than $1.50.