A List of Every Coffee Robot I Could Think of

Plus farm robo-FOMO? A chat with Green Cow VC and the Internet of Tires.


Yesterday was International Coffee Day and tomorrow is International Coffee Day. What better way to celebrate both than with a roundup of every coffee robot I could think of?

From Singapore to Switzerland, Brooklyn to Belarus, a host of startups are diligently working away on automated coffee kiosks. And why wouldn’t they? The global coffee market is valued at $101 billion, so there’s plenty of money to be made. And big brands could be attracted to the small footprint and the very-little-labor needed to run a coffee robot.

Some of the names on this list, like Cafe X and Crown Digital you might be familiar with. Others like Rozum Cafe and MyApp — maybe not. Regardless, grab a cup o’ joe and read the full rundown.

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Podcast: Why VC Maggie Sprenger is Excited it's a "Bloodbath" out There for Startups

My guest on the OttOmate podcast this week is Maggie Sprenger, the Managing Director at Green Cow Venture Capital, which invests in early stage startups. Sprenger has actually been quite active in the food automation space having backed Bear Flag Robotics (which only raised $12.5 million and was bought this summer by John Deere for $250 million), robot smoothie maker Blendid and the robotics management platform, Freedom Robotics.

In our conversation, Sprenger talks about:

  • Bear Flag’s exit and the massive opportunity in ag tech

  • The highly competitive early stage investment landscape

  • The good and bad of equity crowdfunding

  • Why she is excited about what a “bloodbath” it is out there for startups

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    So! General stories based on public news (big funding announcements, partnerships, deployments, etc.) will be available to everyone. Original reported news, analysis, interviews and more will move behind the paywall. This means paid subscribers will be getting more exclusive content, so you should become one!

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Stay cool. Have a great summer. Class of ‘90 rulez.

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