This... is a pretty big deal.
Could a smart fridge (with mobile commerce) be next?
A Seed, a Series A and a Series B.
Company says 82 percent of guests felt their experience was better because of the bot.
"Thirty-two percent of diners would prefer not to see robots prepare their food."
The platform monitors key coffee metrics such as volume, temperature and time data.

March 2022

Picnic's robot operates at 100 pph -- 100 pizzas per hour, a new metric I just invented.
Ever wonder what it looks like installing Miso Robotics’ Flippy 2 frying robot? Then check out this timelapse video. Given White Castle is going to…
Pudu's Kettybot spotted at Akihabra store.
That's fast.
Miso's focus on working the fryers seems to be paying off.