COVID and time consuming crowdfunding forced the company to cease operations.

March 2022

It's smaller and smarter.
Smart fridges, smart vending machines and restaurants-in-a-box could be a big boon for offices.
The machine is located on the first floor of Terminal 2.
The company announced the first installation of its next-gen machine today.
Company is also eyeing another round of funding to meet international interest.

February 2022

Video: I Tried a Slice of Piestro's Robot-Made 800° Go PizzaWatch now (7 min) | See for yourself how Piestro's robo-pizza maker works.
The "Pizzabot" is made by Australia's Placer Robotics (which also is launching a Pizzabot crypto coin).
The Swiss barista 'bot makes you bring your own cup.
Food and beverages will now come to you.

January 2022

Robot pizza company aims to raise $20M.
Want to learn the future of food robots? Head to college campuses.