Featuring coffee bots from the U.S.A., Singapore, China, Russia, Switzerland and more!
Plus: Orionstar's cool new robot, Chipotle's $50M, Chili's Bear market and a big change for OttOmate.
A sneak-peek at what the OttOmate newsletter will look like.
Average deployment is 30 - 50 robots per school.
Plus: You say Zomato, I say Mukunda, Bear's big Series B, AiFi also got a Series B, EBar, xRobotics, and Chipotle is feeling Chippy!
Miso Robotics finds coffee, Starship finds Finland, retirement homes find robots and Yo-Kai finds SoftBank.
Video: I Tried a Slice of Piestro's Robot-Made 800° Go PizzaWatch now (7 min) | See for yourself how Piestro's robo-pizza maker works.
From Bizero to Yandex here are the bots making meal drops.
Plus Serve, Toni Compatto, a ramen driving robot, robot insurance (←interesting!) and the State of OttOmate six months in.
But we do. We also like drones, free robot delivery, birthdays and... Barry Manilow.
Buffalo Wild Wings has already been testing the new fry-bot.
Plus Dexai, Domino's, Zippin and a whole lot of robot deliveries at OSU.