Sitemap - 2023 - OttOmate

2023's Most Unexpected Developments

Delivers.AI Plans Q1 U.S. Launch

Faction's Driverless Delivery Is Built Lean

Miso Robotics Opens SoCal Restaurant

Cibotica Enters The Bowl & Salad Makeline Wars

Travis Kalanick’s Secret Robot Lab

Kyte Takes Flight in Norway

Kiwibot Teases AI Capabilities, Robotic Arm

Two for One Curbivore Tickets

Presto & Cruise Cut, Stellar Pizza Raises

Delivery Drones: Part 135 vs BVLOS

Remy Launches Better Days Robo-Restaurant

Fin Puts Sustainability Front and Center in London's Delivery Scene

Sweetgreen Speeds up Infine Kitchen Deployments

AI Powered Smoothie Shop Shutters After Two Months

Tesla Restaurant Hits Construction Milestone

Restaurant Technologists Discuss Proper Pricing

How To Price Restaurant Tech?

Exploring DoorDash Kitchens

Walmart AR, Hy-Vee Automated Micro-fulfillment, Hanwha, Pudu

Chipotle Shares Details on Automated Makeline

Starship Maps Expansion, Chipotle Pilots Hyphen Makeline

Intermode Builds the Robot for You

Magna & Marco's, Zipline Secures BVLOS, FedEx's New Bots

Tesla Breaks Ground on First Restaurant

Just Walk Out Targets Clothiers, Tesla Secures Restaurant Permits

Growing From Ziki to The Food Company, Thanks to Automation and Innovation

Sugar Lab 3D Prints Candy

Flytrex Launches Autononous Pickup

Juxta's Autonomous Market Heads to Denver, Tyson Teams Up with Gatik

PeykBot Is Ready to Deliver in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and UK

3D Printed Burger Comes to America, European Foodtech Investment Up

The “Battle Beneath the Skies” Isn’t Up in the Air at All

Cartken Heads to Japan, Walmart Takes to the Skies

Artly Coffee Expands, Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

BeerMate Raises while Starship Expands

The State of Delivery Robotics in 2023

Robomart Raises $2M, Ziki Acquires Bowlton

In A First for Delivery Robotics, Serve Files For Public Listing

Amazon Runs from Just Walk Out, Costco Turns on the Bots

Orangewood Aims to Bring Robotic Arms to the Hungry Masses

Automats Come Back, 3D Cake Printing, Robo-Convenience Store

Refraction AI's Luke Schneider Is Going the Distance

Basil Street's Robot Reborn, Autostore & Ocado Make Nice

Autocado Ripens Chipotle's Robotics Outlook

Battle Beneath The Skies: Who Invented Drone Landing Stations?

Appetronix & Donatos Pizza Partner, Foodtech Valuations Steady

How to Run a Robotic Pizzeria

Big Funding Rounds for Robotics

Hop Robotics Ready for Commercial Deployments

A Whole New DoorDash?

Delivery Bots Profitable, Human Couriers on Strike

Starship Announces Profitability, Bolt Partnership

Refraction AI heads to Georgia with Chick-fil-A

With New Name and Focus, Dronedek Looks to Finally Arrive

Bruu Bros Coffee Bot, BreadBot Premiere at IDDBA 2023

Pizza, In a Bao, In a Microwave, In a Vending Machine?

Ottonomy Fundraises, Zume Folds

Cibotica Previews Automated Salad Makeline

Tiny Mile Zigs Where Other Delivery Bots Zag

Chipotle Founder Plans New Robot-Powered Restaurant

Nourish + Bloom: Georgia's High-Tech Grocer

Nala Robotics Debuts Bowl Bot, LG Shows Off Improved CLOi

Motional Sees AV Deliveries Balancing Robotaxi Service

Automation Shines at NAMA 2023

In Conversation: Clayton Wood

On Airport Delivery & Investor Revenue Demands

AI Funding Surges, DoorDash & Uber Post Strong Q1, Sweetgreen's First Automated Kitchen

Starship’s Henry Harris-Burland: 'We Are Now Cheaper Than Human Delivery'

Tune In Friday for "In Conversation: Clayton Wood"

David Rodriguez's "High-Driving" Delivery Bots Are Here to Stay

92% of Restaurateurs Want to Increase Tech Investment

Coco’s Zach Rash on Delivery Density, Profitability and Regulation

Flyby Robotics Raises $4M, Trials Near Phoenix

How the Urban Robotics Foundation Is Creating a Technical Standard for Delivery Robots

Meet Runner: The First Smart Pizza Delivery Bag

Video: Rotender's Cocktail Robot Serves up Fun

Tortoise’s Dmitry Shevelenko: Consumers Thought They Could Buy Something From the Robot

Karakuri's FRYR Sizzles at Nando's Trial

Exploring the Future of Delivery Bots with Cartken's Christian Bersch

Sprinkles, Kitchen United, Sweetfin, Stellar Pizza Founders Talk Automation & Delivery Robotics

Food Tech & Automation Hits SXSW

Gatik & Kroger Team Up in Texas

Interview: Flytrex CEO Talks Expansion Plans

Uber Eats VP Shares Labor-Saving Secrets

SoftBank & Bunzl Partner up to Bring Cobotics to Spain

Conjure & Mars Team, Scream for Ice Cream

How Do You Build a Conference About Delivery Technology?

Serve's Aduke Thelwell Discusses Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Wonder's Co-Founder Chad Lore to Headline Curbivore

CookUnity's CEO Mario Marietti and Celebrity Chef John DeLucie Talk Alternative Delivery

The Automato Puts a 2023 Spin on the Old-School Automat

Tune in at 10 Pacific / 1 Eastern - Delivering Profits: New Channels for Growing Revenue & Connecting to Consumers

Your Complimentary Invitation to Curbivore - March 3rd in LA

A Profusion of PDD Particulars

2/7 Webinar - Delivering Profits: New Channels for Growing Revenue & Connecting to Consumers

Robotics & Automation Investments Off to Slow Start in Q1

Nvidia's Not Chicken, but It May Be a Baby

OttOmate Joins the Curbivore Family!

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