Sitemap - 2021 - OttOmate

What U All Should Know About UL Certification

Why Getting Your Robot a UL Mark Should Be Considered an Enabler and Not a Cost

Tweaking Gartner's Hype Cycle for Food Robots

Smile! Robojo's Barista Prints a Selfie on Your Latte

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification: Technically Speaking: Cleaning and Accessibility

Zing Will Use Waterways to Help its Drone Deliveries Take Off

ROBOjuice Readies for First Installation Early Next Year

Saturday Night Live Unveils New Robot Bartender During Sketch

Exclusive: Robojo Bringing a Robot Barista That Will Print Your Face on Your Latte's Foam

Podcast: How Non-Profit Per Scholas Offers Tech Training to Underrepresented Groups

Fraîche Raises $2M Seed Round for Office Smart Fridges

How Your Startup Can Take Off at Airports

Ottobots, Roll Out!.. to Deliver Food at CVG Airport

Delivers.AI Launching Robot Delivery in Madrid, Spain in January

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification: Technically Speaking - Material Requirements

For DAX Robotics, Will XBEER and XCHEFF Mark the Spot?

Video: ROBOjuice Previews its Upcoming Smoothie Blending Bot

Tiny Mile CEO: "If the Ban Goes Through, Then the Company Shuts Down."

Pudu Robotics' BellaBot Now Serving McDonald's in Slovenia

Hosted Kitchens Starts Testing Delivery Robots in Dublin

Exclusive: RoboChef Comes Out of Stealth to Bake Cookies

bp Picks Grabango to Power Cashierless Checkout at Amoco and ampm Stores

EXCLUSIVE: RoboChef Comes Out of Stealth with Smart Cookie Automated Kiosk

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification: The Importance of Hygienic Design

Scoop: SJW Robotics Unveils Fully Autonomous Rowok Restaurant Kiosk

Ottonomy and Presto Partner for Robot-Powered Curbside Pickup at Restaurants

Let's Think About DoorDash's New Ultra-Fast Grocery Delivery in Terms of Robots

Serve Robotics Closes $13M Expanded Seed Round

Updated: Toronto City Council Could Ban Sidewalk Robots

A Quick Q&A With the FAA on the State of Drone Regulation

A&K Signs First Restaurant Partners for Drone Delivery

Introducing the OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification

Coco Teams Up with Segway for New Delivery Robot

Aitme is Working With Barilla to Come Up with Pasta Dishes Perfect for a Robot

Announcing OttOmate's Airport Event (On-Demand)

Introducing the OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification

Zippin's Autonomous Stores Take Off at JFK and RIOGaleão Airports

Red Bull By Air, Flytrex Drones Making Dozens of Deliveries a Day

Watch the Automation Session from the APAC Food and Beverage Summit

Nomitri Launches its Smartphone-Based Cashierless Checkout at a LÜNING Store in Germany

Video: See Aitme's All-in-One Robot Kitchen Kiosk in Action

Le Bread Xpress Partners with Macy's for its First Public Robot Micro-Bakery Installation

Podcast: Audio-only Replay of OttOmate's Pizza Automation Event

Kiwibot Wrapping its Robots with Disney's "Encanto"

Should DoorDash Build its Own Robots?

Between Disney and City Data, Kiwibot is on a Roll

Watch Sessions From the OttOmate Pizza Automation Event

A&K Courier Aims to Be the First Restaurant Drone Delivery Service in Nigeria

Miso Robotics Raises $35M in Latest Crowdfunding Round

Let's Talk About That PitchBook Report on Beverage Robots...

Extra: DoorDash Bots, Drones are Hot and Starbucks' Cashierless Shot

Flytrex Raises $40M to Expand Drone Delivery Across the U.S.

Yandex Unveils Third Gen Delivery Robot with Swappable Battery

DoorDash Officially Launches Robotics and Automation Arm

Here are the Ten Most Interesting Food Robotics Companies Right Now

GetChkd is Building a Universal Verfication/Payment System for Retail with Blockchain and Biometrics

Podcast: Chef Eric Rivera on What Food Robot Startups Don't Understand About Restaurants

OttOmate's Ten Most Interesting Food Automation Companies

OttOmate Speaking Services Available

So Let's Get to the Point, Let's Roll Another (Robot) Joint Venture

Wavemaker Labs and C3 Form Joint Venture to Launch Nommi, a Full Autonomous Kitchen Kiosk

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Because a Tortoise Robot Was Delivering it

Manna Starts Drone Delivery Flights in Balbriggan, Ireland

Contact OttOmate Consulting for Food Automation Insight and Expertise

Moons Over My Servi, Bear Robotics Now at 15 Denny's Locations

Starship Robot Delivery Now Available on 21 College Campuses

Piestro and 800 Degrees Form 800° GO Joint Venture, Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Gleaming the xRobotics Cube

Podcast: Dishcraft's CEO on Soaking Robots, Reusable Containers and Allergen Testing Cleaned Plates

XRobotics Pivots to the xPizza Cube, a Countertop Pizza Robot

UPDATED: Lab2Fab Shows Off FRYBOT, the Robotic Fry Cook

Chef Eric Rivera on What Food Robot Startups Don't Understand About Restaurants

Serve Robotics CEO on the Advantages of Being First in Los Angeles

Intermode Builds Robots so Your New Delivery Startup Doesn't Have to

Serve and Uber Eats Partner for Robot Food Delivery Starting in Los Angeles

The Know inBot Barista Robot Does 300 Lattes (with Art!) a Day

Is Pipester Chocolate Factory the Greatest Food Robot of All Time? (Possibly!)

This NSF Q&A Could Save Your Startup

Everything You Wanted to Know About NSF Certification (but Were Afraid to Ask)

Mezli's CEO Opens Up About Mezli (Eventually) Opening its Autonomous Restaurant Platform

Dishcraft's CEO on Soaking Robots, Reusable Containers and Allergen Testing Cleaned Plates

Your Free Ticket OttOmate's Pizza Event

Select Circle K's in Tucson, AZ Going Cashierless with Grabango's Tech

Miso Robotics CEO on Why He Hit Pause on Flippy's Grilling, and What's Happening with White Castle

Miso Robotics Announces Flippy 2 for Automated Frying

Video: Hyper Gives First Look at its Full Autonomous Pizza Restaurant-in-a-Box

Bobacino Drinks Up More than $1.44M in Equity Crowdfunding for its Boba Tea Robot

David Chang and Reddit Really Don't Like Food Robots

Video: Manna Testing Robotic Arms to Swap Out Battery Packs in its Drones

Podcast: Get Up to Speed(y Delivery) on Grocery Automation With Grocery Dive's Jeff Wells

Reddit Thread About Picnic Sums Up What Robot Startups and Restaurants Need to Do Right Now

Fabric Raises $200M Series C for Automated Fulfillment

Starship Robots Roll on to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

PAZZI's Robot Restaurants have Made More Than 45,000 Pizzas

Weekend Fun! Redditor Builds Their Own Cocktail Robot

The Barney Robot Will Serve You Drinks at Night (and Coffee the Next Morning)

I Feel Like David Chang is Missing the Point About Food Robots

Servis. Chili's. Kiwi. Flippy.

Miso Launches Flippy Wings Robot to Fry Up Chicken Wings

Kiwibot and StoreXapp Are Working Together on Some Kind of Robot Store + Delivery

Bear Robotics Server Bots Now Running in Ten Chili's Locations

Get Up to Speed(y Delivery) on Grocery Automation With Grocery Dive's Jeff Wells

With Caper Acquistion, YOU Are Now Instacart's Unpaid Gig Worker

Ryder Invested in Gatik, Now Gatik Will Lease and Self-Drive-ify a Fleet of Ryder Trucks

The OttOmate Guide to Robot Bartenders

RoboEatz Robo-Teazes New Model of its ARK Cafeteria-in-a-Kiosk

Cala Hid its Robot so Customers Would Focus on its Food

The New Status Symbol: Robot-Powered Store and Delivery in Your Luxury High-Rise

Scoop: Speedy Market Puts an Automated Store and Delivery Robots in High-Rises

Gatik's Self-Driving Middle Mile Delivery Trucks Sure Seem Like a Good Idea Right Now

Karakuri's CEO Barney Wragg on Labor, Ocado and Dispensing Down to the Gram

Hey Hotels! These Are the Robots You Need to Know About Right Now

Kroger Adds More Robot Fulfillment Centers Including Two for 30 Minute Delivery

Connectome's AI-Based Handwashing Monitor. Orwellian or a Really Good Idea for Food Companies?

Farm Robot Startup Future Acres Equity Crowdfunds $1.6M

Orionstar's Lucki Restaurant Robot Will Sing "Happy Birthday" to Guests (so Human Servers Don't Have to)

Valqari Gets U.S. Patent for its Drone Delivery Station, Has Added Landing Platforms for Windows

With a $132 Billion Available Market, Which Pizza Robot Will Reign Supreme?

Eyes on the Smyze. Swiss Multi-Drink Robot Launching New Kiosk, Has Served "Tens of Thousands" of Drinks

Jamba Juices its Blendid Deal, Adds Second Robot Smoothie Kiosk

Podcast: Farmwise CEO on Weeding Robots, Platforms and Indoor Farming

Broobee's New Autonomous Coffee Kiosk Uses TWO Robotic Arms

KRS Orders 500 Tortoise Delivery Robots to Resell to Convenience Stores

The OttOmate Guide to All the Robot Pizza Companies

Piestro Equity Crowdfunded More Than $5 Million

Could Robots Save School Lunches?

A List of Every Coffee Robot I Could Think of

Farm Robo-FOMO

Burro's CEO on Ag Robot Funding, Farm Labor and Why Using Lidar is Like Drinking Seawater

A Global List of Robot Baristas for National and International Coffee Day

Podcast: Blendid on the Hidden Work and Costs of Equity Crowdfunding

Burro Hauls in $10.9 Million for its Autonomous Farm Robot Platform

The Internet of Tires, Why Gatik and Goodyear's Collaboration is Good for Autonomous Delivery

Future Acres Forges New Path to Farms through New Sun World Collaboration

Would a Humanoid Robot Help Grocers Avoid Annoyed Customers?

GUSS Eschews Multi-Purpose "Platform" Play to Stick with Autonomous Crop Spraying

No Cup for You! mia&noa's Smart Take on Robot Coffee Kiosks

mia&noa's Coffee Robot Might Just Save the Planet, One Re-useable Cup at a Time (full version)

Why VC Maggie Sprenger is Excited it's a "Bloodbath" out There for Startups

Hy-Vee Hires Five Simbe Shelf-Scanning Tally Robots

Ocado to Feed its Workforce with Karakuri's Autonomous Robot Canteen

EBar is Here to Save Us From Flat, Pre-Poured Pints at Events

Robomart Opens Up its Store-on-Wheels Platform to Other Retailers

Delivers.AI Rolling Out New and Improved Delivery Robots in Western Europe and Dubai

So a White Tech Guy Wants to Make a Boba Tea Robot...

So a White Tech Guy Wants to Make a Boba Tea Robot... (Full Version for Paid Subscribers)

Scoop: Piestro Planning Mobile "Pizza-as-a-Service"

Tiny Mile, Big Robot Delivery Ambitions

Walmart to Launch Self-Driving, Last-Mile Delivery with Ford and Argo AI

Bobacino's Boba Tea 'Bot Will Let You Pay with Your Face

Curb Appeal. Ottonomy's Robots are Also Getting in on Grocery Order Pickup

Why Tortoise Might Speed Ahead in Robot Delivery

Podcast: Restaurant Robot Maker Mukunda Foods Will Scale by Building its Own Ghost Kitchens

Blendid Whips Up $2 Million in Crowdfunding for its Autonomous Robot Smoothie Kiosk

Whole Foods to Get Cashierless Checkout, but will Slow Receipts Make it a Whole Big Mess?

Yo-Kai Express' First Autonomous Mobile Ramen Vending Machine Expected to Arrive in November

Wait, it takes *hours* for Amazon Fresh cashierless receipts to arrive?

Zippin Keeps Rippin', Raises $30M for Cashierless Checkout

EBar Served 10,000 Beers in August

OttOmate Launches on Sept 10