Sitemap - 2022 - OttOmate

Kiwibot and Cartken Deliver Signs of Life in Delivery Robots

Some Good News for Beverage Bots ☕️

Robomart Conjures Up New Name, New 🍨 Focus

Aramark and Chartwells Make Robot Moves

💵 Robo-Burgers n' Beer 💵

Grubhub Boards Starship

Well. That Was a Bad Week for Robot Pizza🍕😞

Delivery 'Bots Off to Vancouver 🍕 and Rome ✈️

Robo-Barista Artly Raises $8M Pre-Series A Round




Wait, Was I Wrong About Robot Waiters?

For my Dad (1943 - 2022)

500+ Kiwibots Roll Out to 26 College Campuses

Ottonomy.IO Raises $3.3M, Launches Ottobot 2.0

Robo Boba!

Piestro Triestros for Back of House

Chipotle Takes My Advice, Invests in Hyphen

Tortoise Flies Into San Diego Comic-Con

Jamba Love's Blendid

Do Pudu's Layoffs Spell Trouble for Server Robots?

SCOOP: DoorDash Shuts Down Chowbotics

Piestro Dumps Kiwibot for Serve

Starship Bails on Save Mart (and Northern California)

Chartwells Goes on a Picnic

Power to the Pizza

Robot Chicken

Unilever is Uni-lovin' Autonomous Ice Cream

Oooh La La, Uber Launches in La La Land

Tortoise-capades, Robots on Ice!

The Frier's Club

Flippy Gets Jack'd

Jack in the Box to Pilot Both Sippy and Flippy from Miso Robotics

Ich bin ein Lieferroboter, TERAKI and Domino's Team Up for Robot Delivery in Berlin

Sign of the Times: Sodexo Hiring a Senior Manager for Robot Growth

Will Caper Counter's Cashierless Checkout at Fenway Be a Swing and a Miss?

Basil Street's Dead End

Cool Idea! Orionstar Adds a Fridge to its Luckibot Server Robot

Here are Three Startups Chipotle's $50M Cultivate Next Fund Should Invest In

UPDATED: Basil Street Pizza Selling Off its Assets

Chili's to Use Servi Robots at an Additional 51 Locations

Game On! Amazon Takes a Swing at Cashierless Checkout With the Houston Astros

Delivers AI Launches Robot Delivery in Istanbul with Yemeksepeti

Opportunity Rocks

Should We Be Worried About That Robot Survey Reported by Restaurant Dive? (Nah)

Video: See Ottonomy's Robots Roam CVG Airport

Starship Expands into Finland with Alepa Partnership

Miso Robotics Launches CookRight Coffee to Optimize Urn-Based Coffee Service

Senior Centers are the New Hot Place for Robots

Yo-Kai Express Now Available in Three Locations in Japan

It's National Beer Day! Here's a list of Pint Pouring Robots

A Handy Guide to Get You Started With Food Robots

Digital Twins Could Help Cities Plan for Robot + Drone Deliveries

Tortoise's Mobile Commerce Robot Will Probably Be a Slam Dunk at Stadiums

Where Do I Start With Food Robots?

Chili's to Check Out Robot Delivery with Serve Robotics

Google Wing Launching its Drone Delivery in the Dalls Fort-Worth area of Texas This Week

Manna Drone Delivery to Officially Take Off in Balbriggan, Ireland This Week

WeCrashed Takes Some Artistic License With SoftBank's Pizza Robot

Sodexo Live! Bringing Picnic's Pizza Robot to College Basketball Championships at the SuperDome

Quick Vid: Watch Flippy 2 Get Installed

Squishy Feelings! New Research Helps Robots Pick Berries and Work Pizza Dough

Sodexo's Power Play for College Campuses

Beewise Raises $80M for Robot Beehives

Sodexo is Becoming a College Food Automation Powerhouse

Flytrex Drone Delivery Flies into Texas

Separate Domino's and Gatik News Illustrate the Growing Importance of Autonomy Infrastructure

Ramen Robots are Hot! Japanese Chain Hidakaya Using Server Robots at 50 Locations

Quick Update on Yo-Kai's New Machine at Haneda Airport

FoodPanda to Make Inter-Island Drone Deliveries in April

Meet RoboBurger 🤖🍔, a Vending Machine that Grills Meat

Stand and Deliver! Could Swiss-Mile's Quad/Biped Transformer Transform Food Delivery?

Hey Companies! Food Robots Can Help Offset "Berserk" Lunch Prices for Your Employees

Yo-Kai Launches Ramen Vending Machine at Haneda Airport in Japan

Teraki Brings Data Analysis to Self-Driving Delivery Robots

Podcast: Intermode's Arnold Kadiu on Innovating Delivery Robot Steering and Suspension

Robots Can Save Late-Night Eating, but Not the Late-Night Dining Experience

RoboBurger is an Autonomous Burger Restaurant in a Box

Your Guide to Restaurants-in-a-Box

Amazon Brings Cashierless Checkout to Whole Foods on the West Coast

XRobotics' Updated Pizza Cube Can top a Large Double Pepperoni Pizza in 39 Seconds

Chipotle Tests Chippy, a Tortilla Frying Version of Miso's Flippy

EBar Unveils New Version of its Pint Pouring Machine

Zomato Buys 16.66 Percent stake in Mukunda Foods for $5 Million

Bear Robotics Raises $81M Series B

AiFi CEO Explains How an SNL Skit is Evidence of Cashierless Checkout Moving Towards Mainstream

The OttOmate Guide to Standalone Autonomous Restaurants

AiFi Raises $65M Series B for its Frictionless Checkout

The Paella Robot is Back Serving up Savory Socarrat

Three Startups I Can't Stop Thinking About (and You Should Start Paying Attention to)

The State of OttOmate

Makr Shakr Launches Smaller Bartender Robot

This is Neat: Nissan's Ramen Robot Drives on Counters

Serve Robotics Gets $10M from Nvidia

Koop is Building an Insurance Company for Delivery Robots and Other Autonomous Vehicles

Three Food Robot Startups I Can't Stop Thinking About

Grubub Yanks Yandex Robots From College Campuses

Extra: Tortoise's Big Pivot and a Crowdfunding Guide

Tortoise Pivots from Last Mile Delivery to Mobile Commerce

A Quick Guide on Reward-based Crowdfunding vs. Equity Crowdfunding

You Are the Center of the New Food Universe

Podcast: Audio From Our NSF Q&A

Don't Call it a Zume-Back, Stellar Pizza Will Probably Be Here for Years

Will Grubhub Still Use Russian Delivery Robots? Plus a Comment From the CEO of Russian Startup FIBBEE

Starship Raises $42M Series B, Has Raised $100M in the Last 30 Days

Video: I Tried a Slice of Piestro's Robot-Made 800° Go Pizza

NSF Q&A FTW! Everything You Need to Know About Food Safety Certification

U.S. Military Enlists Ten of Dexai's Alfred Robots

THEO Robot Automates the Lengthy Process of Making Baumkuchen

Aldi Launches Pizza Robot Vending Machine in Australia

Quick Bite: What's Going on With Amazon's Cashierless Checkout Tech?

A Q&A with Chas Studor, Founder of Briggo and New CTO of Now Cuisine

White Castle ❤️ Flippy, Tiger ❤️ Hyphen, Sodexo ❤️ Kiwibot, Save Mart ❤️ Starship

Starship Expands, Offers Robot Grocery Delivery from Lucky California

Flytrex Delivered More than 12,000 Items by Drone in 2021

Hyphen Raises $24M to Scale Up its Makeline Robot

Kiwibot Raises $7.5M Pre-Series A Round, Sodexo Among Investors

White Castle to Install Flippy 2 Robots at 100 Locations

MAPCO Picks Grabango for Cashierless Checkout

Expedite's Kristen Hawley on Restaurant Robots

G.I. Robo! South Korean and U.S. Militaries Eye Food Robots

Quick Bite: With a Disposable Cup Shortage, Maybe mia&noa is on to Something

OttOmate Guide to Drone Food Delivery

'Bot Scootin Boogie, Dallas is a Hotbed for Robotics

Coco Expands its Robot Delivery to Austin, Targets Houston, Dallas and Miami Next

Picnic and Chartwells Bringing Pizza Robots to Texas A&M University

Who Made Those Olympic Food and Beverage Robots?

AC Hotel in Miami Partners with Cartken to Offer Guests Robot Powered Food Delivery

The OttOmate Guide to Sidewalk Delivery Robots

Wavemaker Triples Down on Equity Crowdfunding (Should Your Startup?)

Cartken is a Small Robot Company with a Global Footprint

Makr Shakr's Robot Bartender to Land at Singapore's Changi Airport

A Trio of Wavemaker Labs Companies Launch Crowdfunding Campaigns

Yo-Kai Express Shows Off its Autonomous Ramen Vending Machine on Wheels

Updated: Piestro Launches (Another) Crowdfunding Campaign

MiFood's Harvest Robot Plucks Fruits in Europe

Blendid Partners with Sodexo for Jamba Smoothie Robot at Georgia College

South Korean Government Accelerates Law Changes to Allow Sidewalk Robots

Where Will Food Robots Hit Big First?

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification: Working with a Third-Party Agency

Will Starship's Fresh €50M Rocket it Ahead of Other Robot Delivery Players?

Cafe X Opens Second SFO Coffee Robot

Hestia Robotics' Coffee Robot K2 Sports Latte Art Printing and AR Glasses

Highway to the Danger Zone

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification - Technically Speaking: Temperature Requirements and Validation

Delivers.AI Raises €750K Seed Round

Scoop: Blue Hill Changes Name to Artly, Deploys Three Robot Baristas to San Francisco

Robomart Issued Patent for its "One Tap Store Hailing"

(How to Properly) Test Your Metal... and Other Substances

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification: Technically Speaking: Performance Testing

Limited OttOmate This Week

Goodyear's New Tires for Starship Robots are Not Full of Air

Walmart Enlists Ottonomy, Dexai Enlists in the Air Force

CES Robot Recap: LG's Indoor/Outdoor Bot, Pudu's Big Screen, and Ottonomy Hooks Up with Walmart

The OttOmate Guide to NSF Certification - Technically Speaking: The Nuts & Bolts

Dexai's Robot Alfred Signs Up for Military Food Service

Udelv Unveils its Autonomous Transporter Vehicle at CES

DroneDek Makes Delivery Boxes for Drones, But Patent Issues Loom